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BD Development is a software development company bringing unique ideas and experience to the marketplace. Our dedicated team brings fresh, new ideas to the table and puts them to work. Our goal is to bring useful software to the marketplace while maintaining a high quality user experience and interface. Learn more about what we do and check out some of our projects below.


WateringHole is a new application that allows users to connect at events and venues in their local area. It's a great way to meet new people for lunch, start a pick-up basketball game, make new friends at a music festival, or create your own event. Whatever the occasion may be check out WateringHole as your go-to app for living local.

Live local Meet local
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Explore and Share Your Night Out

Trying to decide whether or not to go out tonight? Want to find out what tonight's trending venues are? Turnt connects YOU to what's going on right NOW telling you what lines are long, who has the best specials, how packed the club is, and so much more.

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Bringing new ideas to market in a fashionable way is what we strive to do. Sit down with our experts, tell us what you want and we'll turn them into reality.

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Software and user experience is your biggest key to achieving success. Work directly with our team to find and refine what you're looking for.

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The best marketing practices change by the second. Making sure you advertise the right way to your core audience is crucial.

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Its now time to turn your idea into a reality. Launch your project to the world and tell them about it. Learn more about some of the services that we offer by contacting us below.